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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Guide to Healthy Dieting

In the present scenario everybody is leading a pressurized lifestyle. Concentrating on study, career, family problems, hardly anybody think the priority of a healthy diet. Whereas a healthy diet is the basic and fundamental need to achieve all the above spheres of our life. Because a healthy diet gives us a healthy body and mind and we need a healthy body and mind to achieve all the important goals of our life. If we are not sparing some time to maintain the habit of healthy eating it will lead our body to a catastrophe and consequently with an unhealthy body we can not excel in any field. Here, we should ponder how we can plan for a healthy diet and also stick to it.

It is easy to plan for a healthy diet, but it is quite hard to stick to it. So, while planning our diet we better follow a simpler and medium path steps so that it should not make us feel like a punishment.

First of all while planning our diet our aim should be in the nutritional value of the foods rather than strictly counting the calories and staying unrealistically thin. If we know the difference between a healthy food and unhealthy food it is easy to plan our diet.

Our body needs all kinds of Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, carbohydrates, healthy fat, protein, calcium and Vitamin D, etc. We must be aware in which food products the essential nutrition are contained. It is also necessary to know which a healthy carbohydrate, fat is and protein and which are unhealthy one. Once we know the difference it is easy to plan a healthy diet.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the main source of all kind of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and low in calorie. So our diet should contain at least five portions daily of these fruits and vegetables. Next, whole grain, beans, fruits and vegetables contain healthy carbohydrate whereas refined grains such as breads, pastas contain unhealthy carbohydrates. In the same manner Calcium and Vitamin D is found in dried beans, dairy products, and dark green leafy vegetables. Healthy fat is required to nourish out brain, heart, cells, skin and hair is contained in peanut oil, olive oil, sesame and pumpkin seeds, some fish like salmon, sardine and cold water fish, sunflower seeds oil but unhealthy fat is contained in red meat, whole milk dairy products, trans fat found in candies, cookies, snack foods and other processed foods. So, we must take care to include all those healthy food items in the recipe. If we prepare quick and easy recipe including all those healthy food items either weekly or monthly we have half won the battle.

Keeping in mind our recipe we must do the wise shopping. Always take care to shop fresh and local instead going for frozen and processed.

At the end water is the vital part of our diet as it makes up about 75% of our bodies. So go for at least eight glasses of water a day or take fresh home made fruit juice or vegetable salads and remain healthy.

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