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Monday, November 29, 2010

How does it work? Where is it based?

Physically Wikileaks does two things - it receives disclosures from whistleblowers or journalists who can't get their material into the press in the ususal manner due to legal reasons. It then publishes this material and keeps it online in the face of political or legal attack.So in the first part that's a matter of protecting the source and there is some sophisticated infrastructure to do that, bouncing our submissions around the world in an encrypted way to lose the trail of surveillance activities and also to pass that information through protective legal jurisdictions like Sweden or Belgium, which have legislation to ensure communications between a journalist and a source are protected. Then in the second part, the publishing aspect, there are other laws in different jurisdictions that protect the rights of people to communicate in public in different ways. So we have infrastructure situated in New York, Sweden, Iceland to take advantage of that protection.

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