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Monday, November 29, 2010

Link Time! The #1 Diet Tool, Top Diet Scams and More


Throw away the motivational post its, use the elliptical as a coat rack because the number one weight loss tool has been revealed. explains a recent study that showed food journaling to be the most effective dieting tool. How many calories does writing burn anyway?

Still, if all that writing isn't for you, then there's always Empower Me Photo. You send them a photo of your overweight self and they digitally alter the photo to show what you will look like thin. You can even purchase a wallet sized photo to carry around with you.

I think for me, I would need a photo that showed what I would look like fat to keep me motivated with my healthy eating and exercise.

Unfortunately, because so many are desperate to lose weight, we are constantly bombarded with dieting scams. The has posted a great list of the 10 Most Deceptive and Lucrative Health Scams in History. Be on the look out for them and their offspring.

Finally this week, If you've been looking for an online source of the best fitness and healthy cooking TV shows, then check out This online TV guide lists just about every show imaginable and tells you where you can watch them for free or for a fee.

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